Sunday, 13 August 2017

House of Lady Hill Road

Entrance to Former Kinloss House
Up the hill off Orange Grove road road at 3 Lady Hill Road, was once a boarding school for the children of British soldiers from 1957 to 1970, has been turned into training centre for insurance agents and financial advisers in 2008. We used to buy personal insurance from AXA in the past.
We arrived at 3 Lady Hill Road before 3.30pm on 12th Aug 17. I saw an elder couple stood outside the gate. Saw a few SLA staff inside the building as it was still early and we managed to take some shots surrounding the area.

Former Kinloss House
Here is the little history which I heard years ago in 2000s.
Kinloss House was a British Army managed boarding house for children attending Bourne School at Alexandra and Gillman Barracks in the 1960s. There were dormitories lower down the hill on 2 levels with the girls living mainly in the house but with a few living in huts on the first lower level.Rising up the graceful staircase (which went from right to left) brought you into the large open communal space that was used for homework (dozens of desks), Saturday night cinema and Sunday night dances (of the old style ballroom). The girls' dormitories entrance doors led off from this common room.
Outside the main house, one level down (a short flight of 6 steps or so) was the first 'quadrangle' of 3 dormitory huts in a straight line: 2 boys' and behind a wire fence, one girls'. Each hut had 4 dormitories, with a toilet block at the end of each. One small part of a boys' hut next to the partition fence with the girls' accommodation was used as a disco.
The next level down was via flights of about 20 steps. It was a largely open space with more huts. On the left going down was a boys' dormitory line and to the right was the teachers' hut. There was a further level below this that was used only by boy scouts making fires; but there was also a large bungalow down there in which the service staff, such as cooks and service chef.
In recent years, some of these buildings have even been converted into educational or training institutions by commercial entities that seek to leverage on Singapore’s status as a business and financial hub in Asia.
Like one of the buildings at 3 Lady Hill Road, home of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Singapore between May 1970 and 1976. It was formerly an officers' mess for the British Forces. Later, it became office of the SILO Home Appliances Centre (1981-1982), the Arms and Explosives Branch (1983-1993), Hup Chung Electronics Corporation (1986-1990) and Kinloss Co-operative Society Limited (1992-1995). The Faculty, formerly located at the Singapore Polytechnic in Prince Edward Road, was renamed "Faculty of Architecture and Building" in October 1972. In April 1976, it moved into the Kent Ridge campus.
The Main Entrance of the building
The former Kinloss House, building set on 1.9 hectares of land was the last tenant of the AXA University Asia Pacific Campus, a training centre for the AXA Group. It houses 10 training rooms, a large multi-purpose hall and numerous break out spaces before it moved out. AXA, which has leased the property from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), renovated the building and outfitted it with equipment and technology enhancements while respecting its 'historical character'. AXA invested a total of $7.7 million to refurbish Kinloss House, with additional funding from the Singapore government, which was keen to ensure the building’s colonial and historic heritage was well preserved.
White Washed wooden stairway
I remember in 1980s. there was a Kinloss Retail Shop (first opening Police Co-operative Store) that was named in its location in the Kinloss House (next to former Ladyhill Hotel) located near No. 3 Lady Hill Road. A year later, The Police Co-operative moved to No. 3 Lady Hill Road, the site of the Kinloss House, which would lend its name to the Co-operative’s Kinloss Retail Shop.
Graceful Main Staircase
The main stairs leading up to the old library of the former boarding school.
Little did I heard that AXA had received 'requests' from people who wanted to hold their weddings in this former Kinloss House however they (AXA) turned down their requests.
Spacious Conference room
This spacious room could be a conference meeting room for AXA. However this common room could have filled with chairs and tables for British students of boarding school in 1950s.
Built-in side desk seen on the left
Looking at the corridor of multi-purpose hall, there is a simple classic desk facing huge glass window wooden shutters on the left, the side wall on displays could be the book shelves side by side, on the right a built-in cabinets against the wall if I could think of.
Multi-Purpose Hall
The main staircase to multi-Purpose Hall that used to be the old library for boarding school.
Long Corridor room (then)
Credit by JadeW
Long corridor to rooms (now)
Yet another long corridor passageway to the dorm doors of boarding school and training rooms for AXA. Looking at the chandelier hung on the ceiling reminds me of my oldest uncle's 3-storey bungalow has similar century elegant style chandelier in the living hall.
A TV or Monitor Screen placed on the shelf
Could be a TV or Monitor screen placed on the shelf in the multi-purpose hall.
Elegant Chandelier@Kinloss House
Elegant chandelier at former Kinloss House with 16 candle tubes adorned with brass lead crystals.
Spectacular Chandelier@Bukit Teresa Bungalow
The most spectacular antique vintage Black Chandelier at my oldest uncle's bungalow at Bukit Teresa with 32 brass candles tubes is adorned with high lead pear shaped crystals as well as high lead octagonal shaped crystal droplets. It suits in every colour of the wall that is present in the living room.
 The Indoor Planter box room
This room holds gatherings or high tea meeting clients and students of AXA. There used to be some plants decorated in the centre of the indoor concrete planter box.
Vintage Fire Alarm Bell
Typical old school fire alarm bell can be found in old buildings, old schools and industrial buildings.
Spiral Staircase@Kinloss House
 Spiral Staircase@BukitTeresabungalow
The spiral staircase at 3 Lady Hill of former Kinloss House is wide compared to one of my oldest uncles' 3-storey bungalow at Bukit Teresa road which is too narrow and made of teak-wood steps. Walking up the narrow spiral staircase  
Steps down to Basketball court
Outside the former Kinloss House, down the hill facing the white-washed arch, there is the staircase down to basketball court and tennis court field.
Balcony on Upper floor
View from Balcony
The main building of former Kinloss House with carved out balcony on the upper floor, to view outside the scenery of opposite colonial buildings.
View of former Kinloss House
1st group outside former Kinloss House
Former Kinloss House has lots of history that was built by Scotsman in early 1900s and this beautiful colonial house has been thru historical eras. Once a colonial house then it occupied by Japanese during Occupation, and then it became a Boarding School for Bourne students from Gilman Barracks followed by Police Co-operative mess and the last recent AXA University (Asia Pacific Campus) till 2017. Currently, the building is vacant.
Thanks to SLA and Mr Jerome for the wonderful piece of history of the colonial building.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Changi Airport T4 Open House

Layout of Budget Terminal (2011)
In September 2012, Changi Airport’s Budget Terminal made way for the construction of a larger passenger building to cater to continued traffic growth and further strengthen Singapore’s air hub status. The new terminal, Terminal 4, is designed to handle 16 mppa but will open with an initial capacity of 12 mppa.
Budget Terminal of yore (taken in 2011)
The terminal will be designed to enable efficient passenger processing and quick turnaround of aircraft. Unlike the Budget Terminal, Terminal 4 will have a wider choice of retail and food and beverage offerings, as well as passenger amenities that will better serve the needs of travellers.
Newly Changi Airport T4
I received confirmation letter email from Changi Airport before its opening house on the 7th Aug which I booked on the first day! It was like a family affairs outing at the newly airport T4. We have been to Changi airports including Budget Terminal since 1980s till now. As you can see Budget Terminal floor route as above of how it looked like in the past.
We were thrilled to see a spectacular and yet amazing Changi Airport T4 and T5 still under construction going on, will be opening in the next 10 years, 10 times biggest than Vivocity. Future Changi Airport T5 will be served with two new Mrt Lines to make more accessible for visitors and travellers. Cathay Pacific will be the first airline to operate out of Terminal 4, followed by Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, the AirAsia Group, Cebu Pacific and Spring Airlines.
 Layout of Open House
Changi Terminal 4 will not be FULLY operational, there are no food and beverages outlets available during T4 Open House. Please bring along your water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the tour. 
 Carpark Link Bridge to T4 
The new Terminal 4 will be a two-storey, 25-metre-high building with a gross floor area of 225,000 square metres. 17 stands will be available for narrow body aircraft, 4 stands for wide body aircraft. A Link bridge across Airport Boulevard will be constructed to enable buses and other airside vehicles to move from T4 to the aircraft stands. We walked from carpark to the Link Bridge to Terminal 4 to take a lift to level 2.
At 2nd level to T4
My family of 3 and I booked in the afternoon time slots and driven by my younger brother to the newly Changi Airport T4 and yes, he was a former CAAS staff at Changi Airport in 1990s. Here we go and check it out how it looks like compare to the old changi airport (Budget Terminal) and T2 (newly renovated some time ago). I used to like T2 before T3 in the past and now it's renovated and makeover with electronic systems compare to the old ones.
Check-in Zone counter
 Me and my younger bro @ check-in counter
Boarding Passes
Firstly, we walked to the Check-in Zone counter and the staff issued us boarding passes and discount vouchers after handed QR codes to the staff.
Spacious Departure Hall
While waiting at the lounge, we still have time to roam around before our time slot be called. Here we below
A beautiful view of Petal Motifs
Cute cushion aircraft hung on the ceiling
Thereafter, we ushered to the waiting area and sat on the chair and waited, to hear an announcement and the screen will appear time slot.
Cute Robot Cleaner
Have a Hot Beverage from a machine
We can purchase the hot or drinks from the vending machines by using credit cards or link-cards for payment by tapping on the screen.
Start Point of the tour
After our time slot called up and we proceeded to Start Point row to begin our journey in T4. Some area have been blocked and out of bound during the tour. We have to follow according to the Open House layout. It took us about 90 mins or 2 hours to complete the tour. Some visitors would spent hours by sitting on the beautiful soda equipped with USB charging or watch the show and music at the Heritage Zone (Peranakan Shophouses).
Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) self-service system
Passengers check-in via these automated machines (kiosks) which can scan passports and print boarding passes. There are some manual check in counters located in the centre of the hall while the staff called "walkers" will be available along each row to provide assistance.
There is a Art installation of Trishaw - “Hey Ah Chek!” is a bronze sculpture by Cultural Medallion winner, Chong Fah Cheong. This is a figurative sculpture depicting a nostalgic scene in the 1950s of a mother and son hailing a trishaw rider after a trip to the market, is easily recognised by Singaporeans and foreigners. It is located at the corner end of FAST self-service system.
 Staff on Demonstration
Self Check-in Kiosk & Self Bag Drops
Passengers are able to drop their check-in bag at the automated bag-drop after their identity is authenticated by the machine.
Petal Clouds
We viewed the installation of six identical grand-scale kinetic 'cloud-like' sculpture - "Petal clouds" from the departure and transit areas, as well as the Baggage Claim Hall. They move gracefully to choreographed music and lighting changes, creating a feeling of lightness and timelessness.
Automated Clearance at Departure Immigration
An enhanced version of the automated lanes in Terminals 1 to 3, passengers are able to scan their passport, boarding pass and fingerprint to facilitate identity checks by the automated immigration gates at T4.
There is a new Food-court is seen in the background on the top level which is not open during T4 Open House. The whole area on the top level is out of bound during T4 Open House (7th to 20th Aug). 
Centralised Security Screening
The 70m long Immersive Wall is seen above at Centralised Security Screening and it has 16 different immersive showcase Singapore's skylines and entertains passengers waiting at the queue.
Fun & Entertainment area
This tour is T4 airlines showcase (above) which will be known as Fun & Excitement in Events & Entertainment areas when it officially opens. The popular retail brands awaits at unique duplex retail outlets with 11-metre in-store ceiling and gorgeous storefront designs. 
Tiger's Den & Bar
Cushy Chair and charging port
Cushy chairs and Charging port in the departure transit area provide comfort and relief.
Travelling Family Sculpture
“The Travelling Family” is an aluminum sculpture by renowned Swiss artist, Kurt Lawrence Metzler. Mr Metzler is well-known for combining elements of the figurative and abstract to create opinionated sculptures depicting everyday life such as reading, doing business or people travelling. His main works are made of different materials like marble, bronze, iron, fibreglass and aluminium.
Relaxing Green Sanctuaries
Colourful and cushy chairs in the departure transit area provide comfort and relief.
Heritage Themed Facades
You can experience the feel of local Peranakan culture if you walk into Heritage Zone (Beautiful Heritage Shops Fronts) with music and show.  The colourful Peranakan shophouses nestled around Singapore, our #ChangiT4 Heritage Zone is home to proud Singaporean brands such as Bee Cheng Hiang, Bengawan Solo, Curry Times, Eu Yan Sang 余仁生 and Heavenly Wang with heritage-themed facades, interior design and furnishings to invoke a sense of nostalgia.
Local Peranakan "Love Story" Show
Set in 1930s Singapore, the Peranakan Love Story is an unlikely romance between two passionate musician-neighbours living next to each other. The video is played on a 10m x 6m LED screen spanning two shopfront bays on the Peranakan façade. The digital wall transforms into a theatre, with a stage setting reflecting the living rooms of two Peranakan homes.
The production is done in collaboration with Singapore’s local talents and artistes including Dick Lee, Adrian Pang, Benjamin Kheng and Koh Cheng Mun.
Boulevard of Trees at Boarding Corridor
As we walked to the Boulevard of Trees at Boarding Corridor near the boarding gate on the right (hidden from view).
The Boarding Gate
Passengers simply scan their boarding pass at the boarding gate and authenticate their identity with the facial recognition system.
Actually the bus gates is on the lower level after passing through the automated boarding gate, you have to walk down the corridor below.
Then we walked towards the Arrival Hall in front and the escalator takes you down to the Hall

Arrival Hall
Arrival Hall Greenwall
A spacious Arrival Hall Greenwall, the Petal Clouds is seen above the hall where passengers pick up their luggage from the belts. Passengers bask in natural light against greenery on the walls of the Arrival Hall as they wait for their luggage.
The Bird by Les Oiseaux
The Bird (Les Oiseaux) perched on the ground while the other two suspended in mid-air, soaring high. 
Two birds in mid-air
The three birds symbolizes the connection between sky and earth, between dream and reality and reflects the poetry of daily life.
Shutter Bus to T3
Outside the Arrival Hall, there is a Shutter Bus to T3 for those who come by mrt. As we walked towards the Information Counter to receive the mystery gift after I completed the survey by clicking check-out.
Finally, after received a mystery gift, we walked out to the carpark to where my younger brother parked his car. Well, the carpark is installed with a mystery parking 'red' light above every vehicle and motorbikes.
The walking distance for the entire T4 Open House is approximately 1km. Each tour will last approximately 90 minutes. Tours are scheduled to run from 7th to 20th August 2017 between 9am to 6pm. Bon Voyage!