Saturday, 25 December 2010

The 13 Cells Christmas Nightmare

The Ex CID Headquarter Prison Cells Christmas Nightmare is opened to public for the very first time in Singapore. The 13 Cells is managed by Imperial Ministry and co-partner with Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI). SPI had a run tests or investigations before opening the event and was reported this building to be haunted.
SPI acts cosplay as ghosts characters , to scare the public in line and also conducted the Talkshow about the history of this building, hosted by SPI Desmond. This horror house is opened from 22nd Dec to 26 Dec 2010 and 29th Dec to 02 Jan 2011. This is the horror-themed event for the public for the very 1st time.

Do you dare take the plunge into the horror hellhole at 13th cells entrance?
This 13th hell entrance looked scary at night when night falls. Spirts of the dead inmates roamed the 13 cells through the walls of the building which was abandoned years ago. All hell breaks loose, this entrance is opened for the public to be prepared the fright of their life when entering the horror cells which the demons are waiting to eat their fear.

Ticket holders who turned up at the horror ticket counter from Hell would get the chance to meet the actors dressed as werewolves, demons and ghouls. Public also get the rare chance to look in this locked-up cells and its building floors above. Public also met by SPI who dressed-up as ghost characters to scare them while queue up and to roam the dark building.
Outside the 13th cells' entrance, there are tombstones which can be spotted everywhere. There is a cannon just beside the 13 cells entrance. I wonder why there is a cannon built there. Is this cannon left there after the World War II? Public may view some of the tombstones with toy mummies lying around dead. I think those toy mummies are specially wrapped in a long narrow cloth to look like decaying, especially in ancient Egypt.
Some of the Singapore worst criminals and murderered have passed through these prison cells.

This is the Operation Room which can be found inside one of the 13th prison cells. Operation Room was conducted by Hell Doctor Tongue to cut off the criminals' body and head after their death. Does it really exist in this nether world?

Another horror-themed of one of the 13 prison cells, "Classroom from Hell" where the dead prisoners studied, is a rare common to those who have a good karma when they have a chance in Hell. Do you dare to sit with a dead prisoner?

Store room is used to keep dead bodies of the prisoners in the black plastic bags who were either hanged and committed suicide inside the cells, really to be collected by the relatives. Some of the dead prisoners were left there, without relatives and families to collect. Their families and relatives were either migrated or dead.

This is the most heart wretching inside the isolation room at the corner end. The 'woman' knelt down on the floor to pray for her dead son who met his ill-fate inside the isolation room. The incense papers are pasted on the walls to look like burning hell notes.
This woman may look scary on her face, dare you look into her eyes when she turned around to greet you with eeire smile..
When you look at her back, you may seem frightened to call her after entering the isolation room.

There are also some of the 13 prison cells comprising of Demons, werewolves and ghouls inside on each of 13 prison cells.
Cell 3# Ticket Holders need to retreive the baby doll from the monster dog.
Cell 5# Gamble with the devil (Ox devil) inside the cell.
Cell 6# Feed the baby wolf without being attacked by monster wolf.
Cell 8# Dine with The Flaming Devil is to make it out alive.
Cell 9# Move the baby doll to the big cot

There is also the toilet where the actor played as 'ponitanak' (white ghost) standing at the corner.
The horror-themed event is well organised by Imperial Ministry and public attraction by Singapore Paranormal Investigators.
Venture through the 13 cells and perform the tasks to survive the experience and make this Christmas a happy occasion.

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