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The 13 Cells (Ex-CID HQ Prison)

The 13 Cells (Former CID Headquarter Prison Cells)
SPI Special Recce at Ex-CID Hq (06 Dec 2010)

Present: Me, Ariffin, Desmond, Spark and IZ Reloaded
Time: 2.30pm

This is the first time for SPI teams to access the former CID HQ Prison at Eu Tong Sen Street, was managed by SLA(Singapore Land Authority). This is the State Property and is monitored by CCTV all year round. This former CID HQ has been abandoned many years ago. One of the main building has five-storey, the first level was the most famour with its 13 prison room cells, comprising of hardcore criminals locked up during interrogations. One of the most isolation room of which the inmates locked up were meant for ill-fate.

There are persisting rumours from the public that the cells rooms are haunted due to the past suicides of the criminals. It was reported in year 1990 that the police officer shot himself inside the toilet on the third floor. This is the 3rd floor of the toilet which I detected would be the ghost of the police officer who was shot himself.
The 44 year old of former police officer who declined to be named said that it was a rumour sorts of. He was stationed at the building form 1987 to 1992, the time it also housed the Central Police Division (CPD), and knew the officer who shot himself there. The former police officer also revealed that his colleague had tried to confide in him that morning. He was the one who found the body later. Since then, he has developed a fear of visiting public toilets at nights. Guilt at not being able to help his friend has kept him visiting his grave every year for the past 20 years.

Alongside the prison cells, we came to a room called 'Isolation room" where the hardcore criminals locked up waiting for their ill-fate. We then monitored and scanned the stuffy room as to see whether there is a strong presence lurking around. Just then as I walked into the isolation room intend to capture a photo inside, I felt as if something pushing me forward into the room, I was startled and got goosebumps over my body. I decided not to take a shoot as well and walked outside the room instead. This photo was taken by one of our SPI teams who was stand outside the isolation room. To believe or not to believe, there are spirits lurking in that room.

Just next to the five-storey building, there is two-storey building. On the ground floor, there was nothing much inside, just a pile of dust and messy around. Then we went at the back of the two-storey building, there was small staircase up the 2nd level of the building. As we went up the 2nd level of the building, at the precise moment, one of SPI members told me that he saw joss-stick (incense stick)placed on top of each door and asked me why. What I saw rows of doors placing the joss-stick on top of each door. I was wondering what it was all about. There I saw a pile of joss-sticks lying around at the corner end. Did those officers use incense sticks to pray for appease/chase away the spirits while working at nights and to protect the building? There would be someone who knew what had happened to this building is a mystery. Just then I walked towards the door to where the joss stick placed, I felt something weird inside the room when I opened and I felt hot inside the room and walked out quickly away. From there, I saw the toilet at the end and I felt uneasy. But this thing made me to walk towards the toilet to see what was inside the toilet, there I saw a white figure floating upwards. Not wanted to go further, I decided to check the tree which was facing directly the joss stick door. Could be this spirit hid to that tree from where the joss stick placed?

Further down the building, there is the staff canteen at the corner end, where you can see the People Park Complex opposite. We went inside the canteen to scan around the area and the staff toilet.
SPI teams detected the toilet and found something unusual movements inside the cubicles which I did not enter! On the other side of the canteen, there is room called 'Contact Point', SPI teams entered to further scanning using ghost meter and devices to scan the walls and was found the ghost meter to rise up and down quickly. As I was inside the room and suddenly felt dizzy and developed the headache. The room had a strong presence inside which I wasn't figure out. Furthermore, I detected a soul smell like rotten meat lurking around. I wouldn't stand at all and walked out the contact room quickly.

Before CID moved out of the premises in 2001, the 13 cells housed drug abusers, rapists and murderers pending their appearances in Court.

Up to date, there are lots of ghost disturbances in CID Headquarter at Eu Tong Sen Street as times goes by. Some of the Singapore worst criminals and murderers have passed through these walls after their death.

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