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Genting Highloands Hotel & Ria Apartment

My trip to the Genting Highlands Hotel & Haunted Ria Apartment was not the 1st time, I have been to the Genting a few times every year. I should have written in my blog but I don't have much time to do this since I have travelled frequently in other countries yearly.
I had been to western countries and asia countries since I was 21 years old and with my family when I was younger too. This has been the part of my life for being travellers and photography/video shooting. Years ago, I was once worked at Pentax Company as a senior clerk and had learned from my big brother (colleague) who was senior technician in photography and video electronic. But now he was no longer there when I resigned from work and heard that he passed away due to illness. I really missed him alot. Now back to the topic about the Genting Highlands Hotel.

This has been a long bumpy road to the Genting Highlands for almost two hours to reach at the top of the hill (sea level). As you can see on the left picture which I captured it. Years ago, I was used to travel by coach at nights, the road was creepy and the lit was dim, saw the ghosts are wandering on the hill. Travelling at night, this road is more likely to be creepy when you see the hilly mountain lampposts lit very dim and you feel uneasy.

When the bus was riding at the side of the road, there are tombsstones and prayers at the foot of the hill. This has been there many years ago. I heard the place was used to be hill slide mountain forests where many accidents took place there.

Not a single soul would pray respects to the dead and gods of the hill.

I wonder who is in charge of the prayers at the hill.

Along the road, there are small castles, where the police guard post stood. Some police guards stood there and monitored the traffic on busy road during holidays seasons.

This road leads to the abandoned house which the gate was locked.

As no one dare to go in , he/she would get caught with CCTV installed on the premises. Who is the owner of the this building?

Along the road, there is a temple called Chin Swee temple and castles entrance. If you want to visit the temple, you have to book a ride ticket to the temple for every hourly by coach.

Finally, I reached at the bus terminal which is located at the hotel called 'Hotel First World'. Bus terminal operates daily from morning to afternoon and the last bus will leave at 3.30pm or 4.00pm depends on the traffic which leads to the bus delay during peak hour.

Few years ago, I booked a room at Hotel First World, I felt uneasy when I check-in at 18th floor. When I opened the door, cold air rushed out realising that I forgot to knock the door before open. Inside the room, there was no cold air, no wind and warm & stuffy room. I knew that the china lady was murdered at the same floor level but not the same room where I check-in.

I booked a room at the Resort hotel which next to the Theme Park Hotel. I sensed something when I was in the hotel room facing from the window. I looked out from the window, I saw Ria Apt which is next the polis post building. Rumors that Ria Apt was haunted by the spirit who committed suicide there. Years ago, my brother-in-law & his wife and my hubby & I went to book this apt. The room and furnitures were not cleaned and looked dusty and the toilet was not working. When I stepped inside the room I felt uneasy all the time. My hubby told me that years ago, he and his family went for holiday at Genting and booked a room at Hotel Theme Park. When he stepped inside the room, he felt uneasy in this room. Truth was that this Hotel Theme Park which is the oldest hotel. was used to have prominent guests from other countries, committed suicide by jumped down from this hotel. This hotel (Theme Park) was once a casino there many years ago and the prominent guests has lost lots of money. Now the Hotel Theme Park's casino was removed and shifted to the Genting Hotel after it was built.

When my hubby & I walked down the road that lead to the Ria Apt and saw the mystery of the orange car is long abandoned there. The staff from the polis post was told that the car owne was no longer there and was left a mystery. Would the owner of the car committed suicide? It's believed to be a foreigner from Brunei. The car plate showed BHT 7892 and was damaged, wheel-clamp, was believed to be Toyota Alphard.
When I was walking along the passageways from the Ria Apt, I found the secret tunnel that leads to unknown. Is the tunnel from the underground leads to the theme park or what? It has been locked since. Very curious...I went down the to the tunnel, I felt something was not right. Could there be.... inside the tunnel? I walked up and get away quicky.

This is the apartments where it was once stood, Highlands Towers that located at Ampang, KL.
It was said that one of the Highland Towers Condo was clashed down during heavy downpour since 11 December 1993. 48 lives were lost while others were injured. The two remaining towers blocks must be repaired within three months or demolished. 18 years have passed. A true story was told by a taxi driver who drove to the road around at night. A lady stopped his taxi and he stopped his taxi, he couldn't see her clearly as it was quite dark (the place being vacated by the residents after the collapse). She told him to take to the collapsed area, he asked her casually as to why she wanted to go there. Her reply: She wanted to collect her limbs that struck under the rubbles of the collapse. Then he took a look at her and realised that she was not human with no limbs that blood all over. He sped off leaving her behind.

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