Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Old Kallang Airport

Old Settlement Airport (then)
Old Kallang Airport (now)
Back to my place, where I belong to this world on my own since I was young being told by my elderly grandparents and mom to this memory of Old Kallang Airport which was officially opened on 12 June1937 by Sir Shenton Thomas(took governorship from Sir Cecil in 1934), after the reclamation work began on the tidal swamp in Kallang Basin in 1932 to 1936 until the land was completed, forming a 915-metre diameter, dome-shaped landing ground.
Old Gate of Yore
An old gate structure and the three concrete lamp posts which have been conserved
Entrance to Old Kallang Airport
Old Kallang Airport also known as the Kallang Aerodrome, Kallang Airfield and RAF Kallang as Singapore's first built civil airport, together with an anchorage for seaplanes. It operated until 1955, except during WWII, and was later converted into the early headquarters of the People's Association (PA). Old Kallang Airport was closed in 1955 when the new Singapore International AIrport at Paya Lebar was built. The distinctive terminal building was used as the headquarter of the PA until year 2009. It is now currently unoccupied.
After more than 50 years, the Singapore Biennale 2011 has given its reason to open its doors and welcome all visitors to experience the artworks while exploring its every nook and cranny. Old Kallang Airport continues to hold fond memories for many Singaporean today.
Toast Box
And there was a special buns and drinks at a very special outlet of Toast Box, set up as 1940-styled coffee shop just outside the Old Airport's Hanger. Beside the EAST Block, a van with 'Free' milo (cold) for all visitors too. And there are children's playdome in the field, kite flying in the compound field of the Old Kallang Airport.
On 15 May 2011, I went to the Old Kallang Airport aka OKA which is free admission. It was such a hot day at the Old Kallang Airport that packed with crowd. And there are two buildings namely WEST BLOCK & EAST BLOCK (See Above before Toast Box pictures)) from Terminal Building (Centre) which has two levels on each block, Beside the WEST BLOCK building, there is a Hanger building just beside the Toast Box shop.
My first stop is at Terminal Building of Old Kallang Airport which you can see above photo taken by me. As I reached to a destination just outside the entrance, just as I walked in, saw the old door and staircase that led up to a 2nd-storey building which is called BOARD Room. On top of the staircase that led to the Control Tower which is stated 'NO ENTRY' as shown picture above.

At the BOARD Room, I came across the field of ruined and scarred plinths created by artist Mike Nelson (London) which he destoyed at the Hayward Gallery,London. As I walked into the gallery to find an empty white walls hacked and broken. Piles of plasters, paint and shredded wood were scattered across the floor. They have been shattered by a history we (Singaporean) can only guess at and bear witness to the presence of a malign interlligence or a nameless anger.To make a short route, to the EAST Block, I picked up & read the book stated that there is a Purple Forbidden Encloseure which is at the level 2, showing the spiritual energy that channelled to this room with the help of local medium.
These are the intangilble materials and invisible forces are the stuff of an artist (Dane Mitchell). In his works such as dust, scent, memory and light to the presence of spirits and the dynamics of human interaction, to the life of spaces, here and now, and in the past. So the special energies of a room at Old Kallang Airport, a site with a fascinating and complex history, have been identified and channelled with a help of a local medium, mapped by the artist's astrological sign (Dragon), delineating a conversation between cultures and threshold between worlds.
Just as I walked to the next door, I am surprised to see all newspapers cutting (see above) that pasted on the walls of the past of battlefield haunting, spirits, ghosts haunted at old kampong,Nelson road (where my parents once stayed), siglap street.. everywhere during & after WWII (1942-1950). I managed to capture all photos and post here in my blog just a few as there are many news about ghost haunted at cinema in Singapore in 1952.

I think I have to make a trip at the Hanger (above), just beside WEST Block. Inside the Hanger, there is a Traditional German Barn and a pullcart full of dried weeds designed by an artist Elmgreen & Dragset. The Hanger that stored aeroplanes, protected aircraft from weather and ultraviolet light. Hangers may be used as an enclosed repair shop or, in some cases, an assembly area. In addition, hanger keeps secret aircraft hidden from satellites or spyplanes.

As there are so much more details and pictures at Old Kallang Airport, which I have to make it short here.
My next trip is National Museum of Singapore after Old Kallang Airport on the same day, so I took a 'Free' shutter bus that takes me to the museum. You can watch my video as shown below: Inside Terminal Building(Old Kalland Airport) & Hanger.

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