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RSAF Paya Lebar Air Base

The RSAF Open House 2011, held at Paya Lebar Air Base was opened on 28th & 29th May. Looking forward to this day, so I went with my hubby on 28th May 2011 (Sat) and reached the destination at 1.15pm by 'FREE' shutter bus from Eunos Mrt bus interchange. It was quite a long queue at Eunos bus interchange but somehow the staffs from RSAF managed to contol the crowd swiftly.
I am looking forward to the latest 3rd Generation RSAF, including F-15SG fighter aircraft and S-70B Naval Helicopter, and meet the people behind these formidable machines. There are also aerial performances, aircrafts rides and carnival games.

A Short brief of history of Paya Lebar Air Base (RSAF): Paya Lebar Air Base was built as a civilian airport, known as Singapore International Airport in 1955. The air base goes by the motto of "Strength Through Readniness". It was a hub for Malayan Airways at this time, and the airline has its 1st flight outside southeast asia in 1958, using a DC-4 leased from Qantas, flying to HK. In few years, DC-4 had changed its name to Malayian Airways. Paya Lebar converted into a military air-force base from late 1967 onwards. Soon it become a complete military airbase in 1981 when S'pore Changi Airport was opened and was subsequently renamed as Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB) on the same year. Note: President George W.Bush's two visits to S'pore in Oct 2003 & Nov 2006 by Air Force One. Vice President Dick Chenev's Air Force Two made a refueling stop at the Air Base en route from Australia in 2007. And on 14 Nov 2009, an Air Force One carrying President Barack Obama landed at Paya Lebar Air Base, to attend the ApEC S'pore 2009 Summit.
As I was alighted at the entrance of the Air Force museum by shutter bus from Eunos Mrt and walked around the building and took some photos inside this building before going to fairground (open air field) where all aircrafts stationed at aerial display on each side along the runway opposite the air show field. RSAF maintains the Air Force Museum, which is open to the public and showcases the air force's history and capablilities.
Inside the museum, there are lots of aircrafts. engines and missiles namely; Rolls Royce Bristol Viper Mk. 535 Engine, Curtiss - Wright Model J-65 Engine, BAC Bloodhound Missile - Mk.II Surface to Air, to name a few.
After took a few a shot of aircrafts and others, I walked outside the museum on the right side to the fairground at the Entrance arch where there are Exhibition Hall 1 & 2, Performance Hall, CarnivalHall, Young Aviation hall, Dining hall, Rock Wall, Aerial Display and Static Display.

(Above)1st pic. from left: BAC Bloodhound Missile, J-65 Engine and Rolls Royce Bristol Viper Mk. 535 Engine.
There, I saw one of the aircrafts at Aerial display - F-15SG fighter with GBU10, GBU 12... (Laser guided bomb) on the ground and 20MM Rounds (bullets). This F-15SG fighter is an all-weather multirole fighter and is a variant of the combat proven, equipped with the latest technological upgrade. It is one of the most capable and lethal multirole aircraft in the world. This F-15SG was acquired in Dec 2005, was the 1st batch of four F-15SG was received by the RSAF detachment at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, United States in May 2009. And the rest of the aircraft which I took some photos before going to the Exhibition Hall where there are lots of display like fabricated aircrafts, robots, military uniforms,..etc.

At the Exhibition Hall 1 (Below pic), I looked into these cute aircrafts on the display namely RSAF C130H Hercules, RSAF Gulfstream G550, AH-64D (Apache Longbow Helicopter)..etc. And also there are Rank Insignias on Display for Air Force Officers, Warrant Officers & Specialists and AIr Force Military Experts.
Exhitbition Hall 1

(Above) Rank Insignias

(Above) From left: RSAF C130H Hercules and Aphache Longbow Helicopter AH-64D
At Exhibition Hall 2, I looked into these cute robots look lifelike, UAV Simulator and others which in stores for public to see most of these air crafts and their engines how it works. For example - AnAESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) Radar that to be used for F-15SG aircraft only. This radar technology will enable faster and earlier detection and tracking of targets. This AESA radar is fixed in front of the aircraft.
Exhibition Hall 2

(Above)AESA Radar & F-15SG
So much of this, I went outside the hall to continue to shoot and to see most of the a
ir crafts on show fields.
There is a 'big' aircraft where I managed to queue up and finally it was my turn and walked up the staircase, to look into the aircraft inside where there are three staffs stationed to give guidance about this aircraft's equipment and others. Inside was so hot like burning charcoal and there was no aircon..Hahaha. The weather is definitely hot outside the field.

Inside the aircraft, there is a officer name Yusuri was in charge of this aircraft and he looked much well pose for the camera by me. And also these two officers name ' Ah Liang (in white) and Adrian' willing to have a photo taken from me. That's nice pose too..hahaha.

Inside of one of these aircraft, I managed to take a shot away is a cockpit (below) which was stated 'No phototaking allowed in cockpit'. I was curious as to what the words mentioned. Is it to prevent from burning inside once a camera shoot inside or a spy might look into it or a confidential? You guess.
\There was an Air Show on the fields and parachute too which was started at 4pm onwards. There are Eight parachutes on the air that taken for a jump from the flying aircraft and to land on the field. And also there are flying aircrafts and others motorcrafts on the fields as well as fighters on the prowl. This is for the airshow that lasts in an hour or so.

After the airshow was ended, I bought a book title - Singapore Aviation Centenary (1911-2011) cost about $15 (amount to be sent to charity) and one of the two authors name - Teo Yew Chiat was there at the show. I was told by author Teo that the other author (L Maasilla Mani) was not here and he was at Vivocity. And I managed to take a photo of him and had his initial on his book released. This book which author Teo Yew Chiat tells about his life during WW11 and was employed in the air force during his time when he was young. And also the book showed all aircrafts during the year of 1911 to 2011 that was 100 years ago.Author Teo Yew Chiat
Well, I felt very thirsty and managed to buy a cold drink from the tent which was next to where I bought a book. Then my hubby and I walked around and we take free shutter bus at the exit airbase open house to Eunos Mrt and headed home.

At last but not least, My hubby took a photo of me in memory of air force base open house. Cheers!

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