Friday, 9 September 2011

Filming with Vasantham Channel

SPI Team
SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) was called and invited by Vasantham Channel to filming the 'dilapidated' building as well as paranornal investigation. We were among the choosen a few agents to film with two beautiful actresses on 02 Sept 2011, Friday from 10pm to 1.00am including TV cameraman, Director cum producer, sound man.
Actually, we were supposed to meet Vasantham Channel at 9pm but was delay in 1 hour as informed by Vasantham Channel as if they were busy with other appointments.
I was scheduled to meet them at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre at around 9pm after dinner. Some of SPI teams were at Teochew Porridge restaurant along Upper Bt Timah Rd around 8pm for dinner.
At about 10 pm, we walked back to the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and waited for Vasantham Channel teams. After a few minutes, Vasantham Channel's van arrived in front of shopping centre and I, with SPI Team (6 persons) hopped into the 'white' van and one of our SPI agent drove his car and waited for us at 'dilapidated building along Upper Bt Timah Rd.
During our journey, one of our SPI teams, Desmond described details of the paranormal investigation to the two actresses and were told that they (2 actresses) were needed to be our 'guest' investigators to hold an investigation in the dark 'spooky' room and stayed there for more than 15 minutes! The two actresses were shocked and said "WHAT!?" and made me and the rest giggles.

A short brief of history: This 'dilapidated' building was abandoned since 2000, but was started as early as 1950s, was the 1st built as zinc roofed wooden shed. Before the Japanese Occupation, this 'dilapidated' building was used by British forces as their site for ammunition depot. Over the years in WWII, grenades, bombs and pistols have been recovered from within the shooting range. This 'dilapidated' building was later relocated at Choa Chu Kang and opened in 2001.
Upon reaching there about 10.30pm, the road was quiet and there were few cars passing by, Vasantham Channel team and SPI team were introduced to one another. Before SPI team started setting up the equipments, we have to tell them the details of the surroundings, a dark 'spooky' room where the cold spot and introduced SPI's gadgets which they (Vasantham Channel team) have to film the location of the paranormal activity surroundings.

After much introducing the details of the area of the 'dilapidated' building where they (Vasantham Channel team) supposed to film on the exact spot of the 'strong' energy in the dark room surrounding. SPI team started setting up the equipments - Stilled camera, Night camera, walkie talkies, laptop, ball, mat..etc which it took about 15 minutes to complete set-up the 'spot' location to where the investigation started.
One of our SPI Team, Desmond told the 2 actresses on how the investigation went on in this surrounding especially the dark room.
Spooky room with 2 actresses

Inside the dark 'spooky' room which has a 'strong' energy as described by one of our SPI team who went there before SPI team ventured the area to recce and found the 'cold' spot in the dark room on the 'hot' day outside. So the two actresses from Vasantham Channel volunteered the investigation in the dark 'spooky' room and were sat on the mat which was provided by SPI, together with a ball, 2 toy cars, voice recorder, ghost meter and night camera (videoing the scene) displayed on the floor.
Radio to 2 actresses
At the moment, the investigation has now started after the two actresses had gone inside the dark room. One of the SPI team, Desmond radio them (inside the room) on how the things going on and told them to say something to a spirit in some questions. This was going on for more than 15 minutes and two actresses described the event to Desmond about the hearing sounds...'beep beep' and they suddenly said 'Why so noise outside' and heard 'laughing' was heard but no one was laughing during investigation going on. The sound of 'laughing' was recorded by a voice recorder inside the dark room and will investigate this matter.
As I noticed the laptop that belongs to one of the SPI team, Terence, had 'low' battery signal shown on top of the screen during investigation for more than 1 1/2 hour stands by. So I informed him and the investigation has ended at about 1.00am in the wee hour of morning. SPI agent, Desmond went in the dark room together with Vasantham Channel team to interview with 2 actresses who sat on the mat and asked them how they feel about this room and asked them whether they heard any eerie sounds in this room while Vasantham team filming the scene.
After filming the scene inside the spooky room, we all came out together with items that laid on the floor and packed up the rest of the equipments in the hall and it would take about 10 minutes. And we left the scene and I looked back at the building as if this things still there. I noticed the 'things' are there just next building where 'they' usually reside there and it seems that 'they' knew our investigation had ended!

As we walked along the bushes was told by one of members, where there is a stalk of leaf moving by itself and there is no wind! Vasantham Channel team (above pic) were curious on how the leaf would move by itself and the rest of the leaves did move at all. But I intend to take a photo of a leaf cos' I felt something telling me not to take a picture of a leaf there. I felt weird!
Vasantham Channel's actresses
In a few minutes, we walked along the path to where the two Vasantham Channel's van had parked there for almost 3 hours. On the last film shooting, the two actresses danced to the TV cameraman where we SPI team stood there, watching.

Finally, the two actresses posed a picture and later together with SPI team. Vasantham Channel team sent 3 of our SPI members to their home while Desmond, Micheal and I followed with one of SPI member whose car parked near the crossway along the road. At last, I reached home at about 2am with sweet memories of Vasantham Channel team's filming.

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