Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fort Siloso & Underwater World/Dolphin Lagoon

Recently, my hubby booked two tickets from his company for corporate discounts. These tickets comprised with Sentosa rider ticket, underwater world & Dolphin Lagoon ticket and Moonlight at Chinese Garden ticket. So far, we went only two places except Moonlight lanterns at Chinese Garden that we will go later before 18 Sept 2011 which will close on that day.
So we planned to go on 30 Aug 2011 in the morning at about 11am, we proceeded to take a cab to reach Sri Mariamann temple at Chinatown which is near from my place as the Sentosa rider bus's timing is at 11.30pm at the bus-stop (waiting point) to pick up 'ticket-holder' passengers like us to board a Sentosa Rider. Actually, Sentosa Rider's timing schedules are started from 9am to 9pm and 10.30pm on a few 'selected' location and these are every hour intervals stops from location to location. There are two Sentosa Riders (two Loop services) which pick up ticket-holder passengers at the designation points at different locations - Orchard to Sentosa and Marina Bay to Sentosa (end point is Beach station).
After we reached the temple just opposite bus-stop where the Sentosa Rider will arrive in a few minutes time. More than 10 minutes, I saw Sentosa Rider arrive at the designation point and we boarded the rider. On the bus, there is a guide sitting infront is a young lady, announced that if nobody alights at the Mount Faber (The Jewel Box), the bus will reach Sentosa straight from the our pickup point and arrived at 12.00 noon at Beach Station.

To be continued...

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