Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Coming to Christmas Time

It's been long since Christmas is coming soon and everybody will get together for fun and enjoy this Christmas spirits and carols. Roamed along the streets with lots of lights and decorations hanging among the trees and buildings, even the Christmas trees along the Orchard Road, Bugis and Harbourfront. I snapped some photos while I was walking with my sisters and hubby. I choose this one cos' this tree is different from other Christmas trees, with lots of bulbs circling around the 'wires' shape of the tree is to look the dazzling Christmas sparking lights in the nights.

Dazzling Light of the tree

As we strolled along the footpaths with a sea view that overlook the sea with amazing scenery. This time, it's best shot of the panorama with magnificent view that I took in the evening at 7pm.

Panorama view

Thereafter, we had a dinner at nearby restaurant before we were heading home around 10.00pm.

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