Saturday, 9 June 2012

Busking of an old Tanglin Halt

Through the years, there was once peaceful and busking festivals of an old Tanglin Halts (Commonwealth Drive) more than 4 decades ago. Walking along seems like an old times when I was a Commonwealth kid who lived just opposite the Tanglin Halt road for more than 40 years where there was once wet market and hawkers centre before Seng Siong supermarket, Long John Silver and a few new HDB blocks built. There are rows of 3 storeys blocks along side of the old 'Chap Lau' or 10-Storeys in Hokkien of blocks 74 to 79.
The 10-storey (Chap Lau) blocks are 44 years old and comprise 669 sold flats. The flat owners will be offered replacement flats (up to 40 storeys high) that HDB is building at a nearby site, conveniently located near Commonwealth MRT Station. HDB will build about 730 units of new two, three, four and five-room replacement flats to rehouse affected flat owners. The new replacement flats are expected to be completed around end 2012/early 2013.
Along the stretch footpath, the row of 3 Storey blocks are the oldest blocks that are similar to the Silat Blocks of flats at Silat Ave & Silat Walk that to be demolished.
The neighbourhood used to be known as Kampong Tanglin Halt with its name probably derived from the Malay martial arts.
The Art Deco-styled flats, mostly the blocks of 3-storey tall, have wooden window panes, large balconies and a huge white/grey-tiled roof with chimney-like structures. Such designs were also used in the construction of SIT flats elsewhere in Singapore.
Unknown 'Cross' Shape
The mystery of the 'Cross' wooden stands still untouched, hidden away in the quiet of the 'Chap Lau' storey of blocks as if it's a grave that sits for a long period of time. No-one seems notice about this. I felt uneasy as it does look like 'Cross' shape of Christian that buried deep underneath. Does anyone knows what's the 'Cross' shape be diged into it. It would be another shock of unknown of grave!
The long stretch footpath beside the 3-storey blocks with the row of the old wooden chairs, where elderly folks residents used to sit on the benches during days & nights with cool air. Children used to play around nearby the wooden chair where their parents seated.
As I walked along the path to reach one of the 10-storey block, behind is the 'small' path is where the fence is being fenced up to prevent any intruders.
But as I walked and walked till I saw a broken fence where residents take this rocky & bumpy road that used to be KTM railway track that had already demolished which left a mark of the heritage KTM railway track.  A 'Ang Mo' guy is seen walking along the grass track to reach the Market & Hawker centre to buy food.
                                                            Former KTM railway track
A cyclist is spotted along the railway track
This 'White' building has been there for long when the KTM railway came alive! This guy stays on the hill where the 'white' building hidden away from the bushes, a significance view!
At the end rows of blocks, there is an old playground that stands for long, there is one playground that you could remember - 'High Jump' path used to be in schools during the old times. A cat is spotted at the playground.
I didn't notice that I had walked for almost 3 hours stretch, surroundings Tanglin Halt after I visited one of my auntie's shop at Blk 46-C that sells old and new models of  household appliances and others that the shop has been around more than 40 years is owned by one of my uncles who bought the shop when he was alive.
Such a memory of the old places that come alive when you unknowingly walk into the path of heritage of old Kampong where it once stood. Tanglin Halt and Commonwealth Estates are best known for having a fantastic view of Singapore's Downtown.