Sunday, 8 September 2013

Walking down on Mid-Autumn Festival 2013

It's been a long time since I visited at Chinatown where I usually hanged around at Mcdonalds and also my favourite hunt at Chinatown since early in 1986. I went out with my classmates and close friends and even my two sisters whom I often meet them at Chinatown where there was once an old Chinatown Point before it was re-constructed into multi complex along Eu Tong Sen Street.
Street of Lights
Often there are the busiest streets with full of local residents of Chinatown as well as tourists alike.
Every year on the 15th day of eight month falls on Chinese lunar calendar will be Mid-Autumn festival and there is always a 3-day public holiday in China. A Festival that is held especially Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Cake Day that we used to call in those olden times.
Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival
Numerous of lanterns that are being hung all around the mall along the railings. The participants of the Lantern Making Competition made all the lanterns on display.Mid-Autumn Festival is an inherited custom of moon sacrificial ceremonies. The ancient Chinese observed that the movement of the moon had a close relationship with changes of the seasons and agricultural production. Hence, to express their thanks to the moon and celebrate the harvest, they offered a sacrifice to the moon on autumn days.
The Street Bazaar at Chinatown 
There are rows of shops that selling various Mid-Autumn Festival essentials such as the Traditional Mooncakes, Pomelo and various types of Lanterns (paper lanterns to battery-operated  lanterns). The Street Bazaar will last till the 19 September 2013.
Paper Lanterns painted by Pri Sch Kids
There are also displays of paper lanterns in the hearts of Chinatown where many primary school kids painted on their lanterns and pit their skills of painting at the Lantern Painting Competition and to hung around on the mini-stage at Pagoda Street beside Chinatown Mrt where the group of participants got to take a look at the lanterns painted by the participants of the Lantern Painting Competition, hung around the exit of the Chinatown MRT Station.
Nightly Stage Show at Kreta Ayer Square
As I was walking along the street near the CK Dept and hoping to catch a Nightly stage show performance at Kreta Ayer Square during the Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. This is the popular gathering point for local Chinese communities this time, and thus lives up to its deeply rooted affinity to Chinese culture and there is a Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. It's more entertaining by lively and vibrant Chinese cultural performances, folk songs, lantern riddles, song, music and dance performances by local entertainers and troupes from China. Show time: 8pm to 10.30pm (7 Sept to 19 Sept)
I love this old music sang by local singer and his lovely puppet doll. Watch the video that I have captured.
There is a local chinese actress who is aired on TV, came in Chinatown on the Nightly Show on stage. I am sure you all know who she is.

I had watched this old lady actress many years ago and know her name since. 
Well, at least, there are many old people who watched this nightly show will never forget the old times on the stages many decades ago. So do I.

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