Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A New Look - Victoria Theatre

I have been waiting for the time to come and to see the new refurbishment, restoration for almost 4 years after it closed in 2010 for redevelopment. Before that I had visited Victoria Theatre long ago since 1986. I would remember the time when my old friends and I visited Victoria Theatre just nearby ACM to watch the show and hear the music. We brought camera to take a photo but I heard that this was not allowed to do so. 
I was able to take a photo of the Victoria Theatre in early 1990s and had kept it since. An old Victoria Theatre 'Clock Tower' is clearly seen in the background of an old photo below.
Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall (background)
Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall (background left) in 1992
Another photo which I took in the same year (1992) outside Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall where Sir Raffles Stamford and a small fountain (below photo) now stands till to this day.
Sir Raffles Stamford and a fountain @ Victoria Theatre (Then)
Sir Raffles Stamford and a fountain @ Victoria Theatre (Now)
This has been changing over time from the swampy areas to the high skyscrapers not being made known to others especially from younger generations. During WWII, this old memorial hall was used to be as 'hospital' for victims of wars bombing raids by Japanese forces.
PAP in Malaya (1950s)
After the wars ended, in the next 10 years, this memorial hall was underwent renovations, the same location to where the PAP was founded during Straits of Malaya, my mum was the member (1950s) back then. In the 1970s, the hall was renovated again to accommodate the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), which it was then renamed the hall as Victoria Concert Hall. Later that year, it was repainted again to what it's today.

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