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Travelled Back In Time - My auntie's shop & her old Block (Commonwealth Dr)

Bird Eye view - Tanglin Halt Estates
Reminiscing the time, as a teenage, I used to visit one of my aunt's house at Blk 63 Commonwealth Drive (Tanglin Halt 10) in 1970s (photo: Blk 63 on the left corner) where she lived in 1960s till she moved to a new location nearby at Tanglin Halt - Commonwealth View in 2000s. It is located nearby Sheng Siong supermarket, KouFu kopitaim and Commonwealth Mrt. Her old block 63 is also under Selective En-bloc that announced on 27 June 2014. 
One of my auntie's old block 63
 Her old block was once the original block without renovation and upgrading back then in 1960s . There was no shelters, walkways and even cone-shaped shelter, with few trees in the old days I could remember. Her unit was small with 2-bedrooms, small kitchen and living hall, she stayed on the ground floor, the same as my mum who also stays on the ground floor too. I could remember the unit no. very well and it was the old unit no. with alphabet at that time but now it changed to a number unit floor. The colour of her block was the same as old Tanglin Halt blk 74 to 80 Commonwealth Drive which is converted to rental flats after renovation and upgrading.
My auntie's Shop - C.W Lim Trading (Then)
One of my auntie's shop is located at blk 46-3 - C.W Lim Trading is belonged to one of her brothers - Lim C.W who had passed on. She is taken over his shop and partner with her old friend. They are my mum's siblings
My auntie's Shop (Now)
Her shop is used to have two units shop combined and rents out to the buyer as seen on the photos above. Her shop comprises hardware items, motorised & manual bicycles, household appliances, repaired bicycles and duplicate house keys..etc.
Me, My Aunt (centre) and her friend at her shop
She is kind and friendly in nature, when I was child, she took care of me and my younger brother while my mum was busying doing her hairdressing business at that time. She went to London, UK, to set up her coffee stall if I could remember back in 1980s when I was grown up, by the time her younger brother (also my mum's brother) who lives in London since 1976 till now. When I was going to get married and she rushed back to Singapore to help my mum and wanted to see me getting married after so many years.
My auntie posed in front of her shop (2014)
My auntie borrowed my 'red' hat and happily posed in front of her shop, behind her is the phone shop that is rented out to the buyer by my auntie who is the owner of the two units.
Old Weighing machine
The old weighing machine is belonged to my auntie and this is so heavy and durable and I believe it weighs about 4-5kg. Most hawkers and wet market stalls use this for decades till now.
Eating house and hawker centre
Behind her shop along the road, just next to her shop, is the Eating house and hawker centre which operates for more than 4 decades. The high-rise block is similar to where my auntie now lives near C'wealth Mrt after she sold her old unit at blk 63 in 2000s.
Roti Prata & Curry rice stall
The 'Tanglin Halt' eating house (01-365) is operated by an Indian family who sells Indian foods - Nasi Briyani, Curry Rice, Roti Prata and carrot cake, only for Take Away when you buy from them. The Take-Away - Nasi Briyani only can sell on Fri, Sat, Sun and Public Holidays. The aluminium 'huge' pots which I saw, similar to the old man who sold 'mutton' soup years ago when I bought from him in 1980s at C'wealth Crescent market. I missed his soup as it was delicious and loved it, added with breads too.
Tanglin Halt Food Centre blk 1A C'wealth Dr
There is also another hawker centre which is nearby my auntie's shop, just in front of her shop - Tanglin Halt food centre that operated for decades. My auntie knew the footstall owners and she sometime buys 'packed' foods from them.
Former HDB area office
Further up the road on the side of hawker centres, there was once a HDB Queensway area office still stands today, but it was taken over by childcare centre in 1991. 
'Steel' window and front counter 
The former Queensway area office is still maintained in its original site and not much changes as long as I could remember. I used to walk into this area office to pay house bills, season parking coupons, seasonal resident parking licence..etc. I remember the 'front' counter was installed steel like window for security purposes in olden days similar to pawn shop in the street nowadays, and a security guard stood at the doorway to the entrance.
Child Care Centre - Queenstown Sparkle*Tots
The former HDB area office converted to a childcare centre - Queenstown Sparkle*Tots opened in 1991 after area office was ceased, is the 1st Childcare centre in Queenstwon. It is a Day care centre and built by community leaders of Queenstown in 1993.
Current HDB Queenway Branch office
The current HDB Queensway branch office is located just beside the former Queensway HDB area office (now known as Queenstown Sparkle*Tots).
Selective En-Bloc - Blk 37 C'wealth Dr
All Tanglin Halt estates is going to be demolished later in 2021 including this block 37 would not spare but I  think it would demolish as it is stated in Selective En-bloc. I would remember there was a clock tower in front of the block years ago and it was gone. I still keep the old photo of this block with a clock tower. It was recently repainted in 2010, I presume.
 Blk 37 lift lobby overlooks blk 63
Much to the renovated of the lift of blk 37 C'wealth Drive is everyone's joy and sad to see the old lift and their blocks will be gone down the drain.
Below is the Selective En-Bloc at Commonwealth Drive and Tanglin Halt estates to be demolished by 2021 after flat owners moved out by 2020. Tanglin Halt road and C'wealth Dr flat owners will be moved to Margaret Drive, Dawson road, Strathmore Ave in 2020.
27 June
CommonwealthTanglin Halt Road24–38, 40–45Margaret Drive30 - 45AAnnounced
Dawson Road94 - 96BAnnounced
27 June 2014CommonwealthCommonwealth Drive55, 56, 58–60, 62–66Strathmore Avenue53B & 53C, 78 - 78DAnnounced

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