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My Niece's Grand Wedding Day

Hotel Fort Canning
Used to be the formerly British Military Headquarters of Lt Gen. Percival, Malaysian Armed Forces(1963-65) and this building was built in 1926 as Administration Building of the British Far East Command HQ. You may refer to my previous blog here.
Panoramic view of the Hotel Fort Canning
Did you know that the Hotel Fort Canning is the winner of the 2014 World Luxury Historical Hotel Award?
Hotel Fort Canning in 2012
It was a hot Thursday afternoon on the 30 Jul 2015, my hubby and I were invited to the wedding reception so as my hubby's two elder sisters. It was his oldest brother's eldest daughter grand wedding indeed it was a grand wedding including tea garden reception to be held for the first time. Also, it was the first time for the young couple's grand wedding dinner and tea reception held at Hotel Fort Canning (HFC).
Remind me of my photoshoots of my wedding and ROM at the Hotel Fort Canning and Fort Canning  Gothic Archway over 2 decades ago.
Hotel Fort Canning in 2015
I arrived around 1plus, to see my sisters-in-laws and their husbands waiting for us at hotel lobby. My oldest bro-in-law was no where in sight and learned that he went home to rest as he was tired after woke up early in the morning.
Hotel Room at level 2 (corner)
So we decided to look up my niece and her husband at hotel room. We took a lift to level 2 and walked straight to the corner at the corridor leading to the room that closes to the swimming pool. We found the room at corner end after searching the room number as the light along the corridor of the rooms is dim n serene. The spacious feel extends to the walkway too. Some hotels have such narrow walkways.
 Bath room and toilet
Elements of nature are built into the fabrics and furnishings. The Premier rooms have a bigger work area behind the bed, and a separate bathroom.
Deluxe Room with Balcony
As we entered into the Hotel room with full amenities, a large LED TV on the wall (built-in) WIFI and internet and desk at the Balcony, a bathtub and so on. It is a plush oasis in the middle of the city cocooned by verdant greenery and the stillness of nature. They took three years to convert this colonial building into an 86-room heritage boutique hotel.
Scenery View from the hotel room
It is indeed a spacious room with unique bathroom designs set against a picture-window offering panoramic views of the city skyline.
After we had served tea by Bride and Groom, we chatted for an hour or two. We intended to go out to have our tea break just opposite the Park Mall before the tea-reception started at 6pm at the garden and the dinner at 7pm. But before that, we walked around the tea-reception garden and Grand Marquee where we were supposed to dine here.

Garden Terrace (Then)
Rattan furnitures@Garden Terrace (Now)
The Garden Terrace is where hotel guests and visitors will have relax in an open space at nights and also perfect outdoor activities in front of Hotel Fort Canning facade. The changing of furnishing tables and chairs at the same location but different time.
Tea Reception
The Tea-reception is where my niece's grand wedding were held. Further up the reception is the Water feature with a pond sit near the Tea House close by.
Water Fountain and The Glass House
The Water feature & The Glass House is located at the corner end, within the pond, is the a restaurant and a centre called "The Legends" is a Chinois Spa. The Legends Fort Canning Park took over the premises in November 2002, and in October 2010, it re-opened as Hotel Fort Canning.
Before Grand Marquee is built
I recall that in 2012, there was no built in white huge "tent" in front of Hotel Fort Canning fa├žade called "Grand Marquee" is a special event venue, a Singapore's largest fully-air conditioned hotel marquee.
Water feature
Custom water features work well next to walkways in front of Hotel Fort Canning. The dramatic affect of a flowing waterfall without the pond typically found at the base. This unique new design is perfect for areas limited on space or where an open pool of water is not desired.
Walkway to Grand Marquee
Hotel Fort Canning’s new Grand Marquee is the largest* air-conditioned marquee at a hotel. The Grand Marquee sits on the sprawling Palm Terrace, with the colonial edifice of the Hotel forming an opulent backdrop. Set to Australian specifications and engineering endorsement, the outdoor structure is over 165 feet long and 20 feet high at the ridge. The Grand Marquee is able to host 500 to 1,000 guests.
Grand Marquee in 2015
Dotted with elegant chandeliers, Grand Marquee offers sophistication to annual dinners and large-scale conferences.
Summer Love@Grand Marquee
This is where we were invited to my niece's grand wedding at 7pm. It looks grand conference and can hold a meeting and annual gatherings as well as weddings. Of course, it costs a bomb, as each table would fetch about S$1000-1308 on weekday (Mondays to Thursdays). My niece chose on the weekday instead which falls on Thursday during SG50 promotion for the price of S$1008 per table. I presume.
 Outside Grand Marquee
Weddings are very popular here (it is just a stone's throw away from the Registry of Marriages).
They set up the tables and chairs and decorated the Tea-garden reception for my niece's grand wedding early since morning till late afternoon before the starts of the Tea-reception at 5pm.
Their Solemnization ceremony was held at the newly restored Grand Marquee so that friends, families, colleagues, relatives and close friends will attend their solemnisation in their grand elegant way at their actual wedding day. Both the bride and the groom, two credible witnesses that are Bride & the Groom's parents and the licensed solemnizer must be present at the marriage solemnization. In the centre, a table and chairs were set up in the hall of Grand Marquee.
A Summer Rose Wedding Cake
A summer rose wedding cake was on display in grand elegant and its beauty atop of the roses on each level of the display decoration cake.
Table Decorations
It is indeed the perfect setting for a grand romance, really appreciating the row of chandeliers hanging above the aisle. Near the stage were two ten-person tables for either side for the Bride's and Groom's families and the most distinguished guests. A close up at the table decorations and with the tiffany chairs.
 Multi-coloured fantasy
The Grand Marquee is adorned with gleaming chandeliers, and a computerized multi-coloured fantasy lighting system, making it a beautiful garden venue for the dream wedding. We were in awe upon seeing the multi-coloured lighting of the wedding hall with special effects. There are big portable white Air-con machines placed inside every 2 or 3 meters along the row of the huge tented.
Grand Chandelier
We hardly see the dishes while serving and the Chandelier is remarkable awesome with mood lighting setting. it's like a indoor banquet venue in an outdoor garden setting! There are spot-light on each side as if there will be dancing event after dinner. But we were not stay up late after dinner.
Live music entertainment
There was also a live music entertainment while we wait and chatting to the relatives. At 7.30pm, the announcement was aired by a musician cum host, and the Bride and Groom started walking down the aisle together to the front of the stage
Piggy Bank
Foods were delicious and yet a huge plate and bowl would fill our stomach full and thought we are huge appetite people and the dinners. Invited guests will have a piggy bank each that placed on the table. They are a pair of piggy bank (male and female) and it was so cute.
Start of Solemnisation
 Exchange of Wedding Rings
Groom putting a wedding ring on bride's finger and then..
 Sealed with a Kiss
Groom sealed with a romantic kiss while the photographers filmed and invited guests cheered loudly.
Wedding Vows and Certificate
It was indeed a grand solemnization for the Bride & Groom and their parents for the happy occasion once in a lifetime. Glad to see both families of the Bride & Groom were happy with each other. My niece grows up into a beautiful and gentle lady. I remember when she was a kid and she was naughty and playful, hate to study and strict upbringing by her father (my oldest brother-in-law) who was a Chinese educated in Chinese schools in 1950s.
Groom's father sing-along
The Groom's father (second from left) came up to the stage and liked to sing along with the English old songs. I do love to sing too when I was a teenager and frequent to KTVs (Kaaroke) and Kbox in the neighbourhood areas and community centres in those days.
Huge plate of Roasted Crispy Chicken
What a fantastic caterer! The food was simply incredible. Its all "family style" so they'll put a large plate in the middle of the table and you take as much as you want. It's 8-course Chinese meal dinner and free flow of drinks and draught beers from 7pm to 11pm.
There was also a video show, re-enacted shooting at the Chinese Garden by the bride and Groom wore traditional ancient costumes, also their special moments on their wedding day.

screenshot from my videocamera
In between the meal, a funny video was on the screen and its story about a young lady (my niece) waiting for a a man to save her. Her man has to fight with the imperial guard in order to save her. It was very touching and yet amusing and funny story. And the storyline was spoken by the Groom's father in this movie clip. Well, I did record the video from the white screen.
A Wedding Slideshow and movie
There was two large white screen and photos with showing on their younger days, how they met and their romance outings stimulated to blaze from the projector onto the background. It was indeed an enjoyable and a great live music entertainment.
Last but not least, we thank the Bride and Groom's parents for inviting us to their children's grand wedding.

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