Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New of theYear 2013

For the start of the refleshing of the great new life of 2013. Leave behind the past of 2012 and looking forward to the new world of starting point of 2013.

I recall one of my poems that remember the good old days that comes alive.
A feeling of nostalgia comes over me
As I reflect on the good old days
We had together.
The joy and fun we shared
Made fears momentarily cloud my vision
For the past that was but now is no more.

Though words are many
We are too sad to say any
For now is the hour
When we have to say goodbye 2012.
This Ice Flower in the snow brings to the new world from region countries after celebration in the year 2013 with new hopes, new life and to the new you.
Let move on the beginning of the new 2013 ahead!

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