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Strolling through "The Historic Centre of Macau - Part Two

Reviving the Old Streets of Macau - Day 3
We are up to the next journey to the most popular destination in Macau where most tourists as well as locals love to see the highest peak in the world - Macau Tower.
Two sets of our daily Breakfast (5 dishes per set)
Steamed dumplings
Before that, we have to  take our free breakfast again at the same restaurant - Yum Cha  thus we choose the different sets and of course to try the taste of the original made by the restaurant. We had 10 dishes of our breakfast and each of us have 5 dishes of different choices ( 1 set of breakfast of 5 dishes) so that we can share of our choosen dishes. It is very delicious breakfast plus choice of hot or cold drinks and we had enjoyed on the cosy dinning table. Well, we happened to take our breakfast inside the casino where the restaurant staff brought us there as there are no seating available in the morning. 
God of Fortune at Central Paradise Garden
An hour later after we had breakfast, we walked around the our hotel as it still early to set off our journey as the Macau Tower has not yet open its door. We remember that there is a swimming pools and bar in our hotel where we can see the spectacular hotels from distance that we stand in the swimming area. We have to walk pass at Central Paradise Gardens to the lift.
Flowers@Paradise Garden 
 As we strolled along the Paradise Garden within our hotel and saw this impressive bronze and gold God of Fortune statue and the auspicious masterpiece is the creation of Professor Sun Jiabin is one of China's top 3 most influence and reputable sculptors and stands at an impressive 16ft tall and 5,500 pounds, made from polished bronze with 24-carat gold leaf accents. 12,000 sq. foot, 50 foot tall indoor lush garden, filled with cascading waters, natural lights and free entertainment throughout the day. We had watched the musicians' entertainment in the afternoon after the walk at Pool Deck in the morning.
Pool Deck at Level 4
The Dome and its shady canopy
Walked towards to our lift to level 4 to pool decks as you may not know that there are two lifts that are separated from each other, otherwise we may confused to which lift to our hotel room. As we reached the pool deck at level 4, this stunning pool deck is awesome exotic hideaway from city life, a cool refreshing outdoor deck with its mini bar - drinks and snacks and comfortable lounge chairs under the shady canopy, to stress you out the world of the city life below far away.
Water Temperature's signboard in winter season
Relaxing on the beach chair 
 It has 4 pools, chilled bottled of water, two of the pools are heated water (up to 38 degree depending on temperature) in winter season, one private cabanas and so on.
Overlook the pool deck in the open space, one can see the spectacular famous hotels - Venetian Resort Hotel and the Four Seasons hotels.
Overview Venetian Hotel from the pool deck
Overview scenery from the pool deck is much relaxing on the comfortable lounge chair where you can enjoy for snack and drinks all occasions if you prefer not to swim and some of the hotel guests strolling on the pool deck to view the atmosphere the surroundings. The pool deck opens from 7am to 7pm in winter season and summer season till 8.30pm.
View from the pool deck - The 4 Seasons Hotels
View from Pool Deck - Venetian Hotel
View from Pool Deck - Venetian Hotel's white bridge
 I managed to snap some photos of the scenery that overlook from the edge of the Pool deck as it's still freezing cold out there in winter. What a beautiful sight of the scenery!
Entertainment - Musicians Playing their instruments 
In less than one hour of walking around the pool deck, we took a lift down to the lobby of our hotel to the Paradise Garden where we watched musicians in front of the God Of Fortune and took photo of the two musicians playing with their instruments into the music live entertainment within the hotel with smooth tones into the air. Later we walked down to the Free shutter service pickup point behind the shoppes of our hotel and took a free shutter bus to Macau Tower in less than 20 mins.
A peek through Macau Tower from the bus
We hopped to the free shutter bus provided by the hotel and way we go for a ride during our journey on the road and took a photo through the window while on the bus. Finally we reached the our destination - Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre located at Avenida Dr Sun Yat-Sen. It is near to the Sai Van Lake and Sai Van Bridge (photo below).
Sai Van Bridge (Ponte De Sai Van)
Ponte De Sai Van (in Portuguese) - Sai Van Bridge (English) is a cable-stayed bridge in Macau where the Macau Tower located nearby, was inaugurated in Dec 2004. This bridge measures about 2.2 km long and is the 3rd that connects to Taipa Island and Macau Peninsula, is one of the most fascinating spot. Sai Van Bridge will have a new lower deck by the end of this year 2013, it will build 200m slope connecting the bridge to the Avenida Jogos Da Asia Oriental (East Asian Games Road) and to facilitate the construction of the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) railway. Thus the new facility will make Sai Van Bridge more accessible and easier for motorists to access Taipa's main roads including the East Asian Games road and the residential areas such as Ocean Gardens.
View from the Macau Tower
Little Egret on the rock
From the background of the photo taken at the Outer Harbour, the redeveloped old buildings still under construction to make it more peaceful surroundings. Well, does the three tall buildings look like 'Marina Bay Sands'? It is a lovely spot and can watch the cool breeze at the Outer Harbour and look over the Sai Van bridge on the left and there is a white bird - Little Egret sitting on the rock below at the Outer Harbour. Outer Harbour is also known as Macau Outer Harbour reservoir. On the left side, there is also long white bridge is known as "Macau-Taipa Bridge" that connects to the Taipa Island where the Nam Van lake and Cybernetic Fountain nearby.
Close-up of Macau Tower
 Macau Tower located at Largo Da Torre De Macau, is about 338m high at its highest point and the main observation is about 223m above level, from the highest view you can see at the distance of 55km away and it can withstand the winds up to 400km/h and its steel mast at the top of Macau Tower is 90m tall. At night, you can see the beautiful lights up on the top of the Tower if you are lucky to spot at the distance.
Macau Tower's Sculpture
The Tower is the home to the World's highest Bungy/Bungee jump, Skywalk X, Skyjump, High Eposure and the World's only Uban Tower Climb (338m) and even night Bungy jump ever at Fridays and Saturdays.
Golden Lotus Flower at Macau Tower
Wall Climbing
Beside the Macau Tower, there is a Golden Lotus Flowers on the ground next to Snack bar. Also Wall Climbing can done here on the wall of Macau Tower. My hubby and I had tried without any problem climbing in just a few steps on the wall as if there is no one around.Furthermore, you may see the Lotus in Full Bloom Monument at Lotus Square below.
Sky Jump
Comfortable Landing
I managed to capture video of the participant's 233m Sky jump on the wall of Macau Tower as well as snap a shot. It took him about 20 seconds flight over the breathtaking cityscape of Macau. Thus I heard him 'shout' out loud as if he is a superhero. Sky jump lets it visitors fly through the air at 75km/hr in 20 seconds before decelerating to a comfortable landing speed upon reaching the ground.
Bus-stop Outside the Macau Entertainment Centre
Bus-stop Signboard
Walking around more than an hour at Macau Tower Conventional  and Entertainment Centre, we decided to stop over at the Lotus Square by taking a public bus just outside the builiding. Upon seeing the bus route on the map, I chanced upon the bus no. 18 to take us to the Lotus Square at Avenida De Marciano Baptista just opposite the road and it costs us only MOP3.20 a trip and actually this amount would take us a whole trip 'to and from' without additional charges. It is said that if you take a public bus to the any destinations and within 45 mins, you would get a free ride to another destination and the fare you tap on the card machine, thus it shows "MOP0.00" on the card.
Lotus Flower in Full Bloom at Golden Lotus Square
Close-up of Golden Lotus Flower
We reached the destination of the most spectacular flower land - Golden Lotus Square or Lotus Square where the sculpture of Lotus Flower in Full Bloom that surrounded the buildings namely Tourist Activity Centre and Museums. It stands 6m tall and weighs 6.5 tons, symbolises the everlasting prosperity of Macau and was the gift of the State Council of the People's Republic of China in 1999 to mark the Macau sovereignty transfer from Portugal to the PRC. Today, Lotus Square is popular with skateboarders because of its abundance of ledges, kerbs and stairs. It also near to the Macau Fisherman's Wharf.
Casino Macau Palace
In half an hour at Lotus Square, we took a public bus no. 33 to the smallest casino where you may not see this before - the Macau Palace (Floating Palace) that found on a barge, nearly 5 mins walk from the ferry terminal is the smallest casino in Macau and its second decks boast of 6 baccarat tables; two for blackjack, two for dai-siu and other. Additionally, there is also a tiny slot-machine room. For those who need a change of tempo to a quieter area, the Macau Palace (Floating Casino) consists of low table limits. The ferry terminal makes it very convenient for a last minute run at the tables before jumping on a ferry to Hong Kong. The floating Palace was used to be connected in Macau’s inner harbor, at the far end of Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro.
Minutes later, we took a public bus back to the previous destination that we once been there on Day 1 - Senado Square to see the statue of the first Bishop of Macau founder of the Holy House of Mercy of Macau located at The Museum of the Macau Holy House of Mercy on the narrow footpath up to the corner end.
Corner of Macau of Holy House of Mercy
Side view of flower plants leading to the Sculpture
Along the side the footpath slope, we walked up to the end where the first Bishop sculpture stood at the centre in between the corner building - D. Belchior Carneiro (1516 - 1583)
D. Belchior Carneiro (1516-1583)
Stood quietly on the ground in between the building and the wall, the first Bishop founder of Holy Holy of Mercy of Macau. Apart from the history of Belchior Carneiro, in 1835, his skull had cut off and displayed inside the Holy House of Mercy that lead to its mystery. The reason is that he never considered a candidate for canonization. The centuries history old of Bishop of that skull and the Cross with which he was buried, a full length of painting portrait of Belchior Carneiro can be found inside the Holy House of Mercy.
Vases stood In front of Sheraton Hotel
The Museum of the Macau Holy House of Mercy is opened from 10.00am to 5.30pm and closed on Mondays and Public Holidays.
As it's getting late for us, so we took the public bus at the same location where we took before and headed back to our hotel.
Upon reaching our hotel outside the road, we walked along the road to the last of the three hotels that stands at the end - Sheration Hotel where our hotel is just next to it. We spotted the 'huge' 3 vases displayed outside the entrance of the main road as it was very cold windy at the time. I managed to snap a shot of the vases before headed inside the hotel. We walked along the Sheraton Hotel lobby to our hotel next to it.
After we had dinner at level 3 foodcourt and eventually walked to the our hotel lift.
Our Cosy bedroom still clean and new
Finally, we are back to our hotel room where we find our cosy bedroom still look clean and new as we are back in our olden days and I took a shot of our room that looks like of an 'old photo (switch to an old shot feature of my camera) in our time. Indeed we are. 
Next, we will set off the following morning as usual to the next destination.

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