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Attending to My Dearest Bro Ariffin's Simple Traditional Wedding

Little did I know ....I received WhatApps from my dearest brother Ariffin inviting me to his big day on 24th Sept 2017! And of course, I do love to see him as it's been long time since I last saw him a few years ago despite our busy schedules so we still keep in touch on what's going on in our life even in Facebook as well as others. I was so happy for him - found a new love of his life.
It was a hot beautiful Sunday with full of clouds as if it was a good omen (called portent or presage) for his big day. I arrived at Bedok North estate where he lives with his family.
Well, I have been to many Malay Traditional weddings before that was in 1980s including my childhood friends' Malay Wedding at 'Kampong' huge tent at the badminton court just outside my mum's block where she and her family lived 3rd storey above the block. They have different types of setting up a spacious or grand wedding especially my childhood friend and one of her brothers who also got married on the same day as her. What a grand 'double' wedding they had. I vaguely remember during the times I attended simple Malay Traditional Wedding at one of my colleagues who is Muslim who held her wedding at void deck of her family's block but they put a lot of hard work on decorations, gatherings and sent invitations to close friends, relatives, colleagues and even foreign colleagues/bosses too. Nowadays, many Malay couples would go for cosplayer's themes such power rangers, superman...etc whom they go for... or are close friends or active members from TokuCos Singapore. Such entertainments and fun would add up enjoyable wedding blues...
That was what my dearest brother Mohd Ariffin whom I know him for a long time, He is an active member of TokuCos Singapore and a Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger (MMRPR) cosplayer himself among with other power rangers in his group (see pic below)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Photo Credit: John Kwok
This picture was taken in 2013 and shot by one of my close friends, John Kwok (also his close friend) attended his close friend, Airffin's wedding too. Bro Ariffin, a Red Power Ranger is one of the group photo. If these five power rangers were at his wedding and it would be great to see them in group. Performing Silat or Self-Defence Art are Black Panther', 'Green Ranger' ...attended at his wedding and performed 'Silat Pengantin/Malay Self-Defence Art' and at the end of the video..hilarity ensues. What a fun day for the Groom! You could name them - Zyouh Eagle, Green Ranger, Black Panther and MagiShine (blue and Gold Armor).
For the skill and knowledgeable, every ‘silat’ movement has its own meaning, for example, blessing the couple, respect the “royalty”, protection and etc. But nowadays, ‘silat asal boleh’ (anyhow ‘silat’) is also welcomed because it’s also a form of entertainment.
Originally, Islamic solemnization is very simple and straight ceremony which Bro Ariffin's solemnization held at ROMM or outside ROMM before his big day on the next day. There is a ‘wali’ (guardian), 2 witnesses, a small amount of ‘mahar’ (dowry) and/or a ring with a small dinner ‘walimah’ (celebration). Now, additional wedding gifts and dowry are expected. Usually ‘akad nikah’ is done the night before the big ‘walimah’ but sometimes, it can squeezed in a day. Bride and groom is offic
ially married after this ceremony. 
World's Finest Superheroes with Bride & Groom
Back to the wedding finest hall that what used to be a void deck that the simple Malay Traditional wedding that he wish for and yet it turned out to be grand finest wedding, with some of the world's finest Superheroes that happened to be his close friends. The Magnificent Four Superheroes stood on guards behind Bride and Groom are - from left Muhammad Ridhwan Bin Sulaiman (MagiShine), MuhayminLeo Azman (Zyouh Eagle), Abang Kamarr (Black Panther) and Chazzy Van Meezy (Green Power Ranger).
Superheroes as Bodyguards escorted their close friend
Photo Credit;: Sharingan Ismadi
Not only superheroes as what I heard that they also got experience in pencak silat kesenian / Silat Pengantin and one of them is a former Singapore Silat representative and medallist. Well, they are doing their close friends a favour as 'Bodyguards' to escorted them to their festivities.
Superheroes posed with Bride & Groom
Some superheroes dressed up their own clothes and they would bring their own either helmet or power ranger belts to show who they are. 
I arrived in the afternoon at 1plus and was told by his uncle that Ariffin and his bride will arrive at 2pm onwards, So I could help myself with my meal and desserts while waiting for Bride and Groom. Consequently, I could end up chatting some of his relatives or family's friends at the same table.
A wide variety of foods
My favourite Lontong
Variety of desserts
 My favourite of desserts
There are wide range of fruits, desserts, snacks, drinks and even hot beverages too. Of all the foods I love most during my kampong days.
After meals, I would watch them singing in a Malay Traditional songs and I even videoing it. I do understand the Malay songs they sang and dance in a traditional way. You can watch it as below
Traditional Songs and Dance for Bride and Groom
Video by Lina Catcat (Me)
Kompang/Drumming of handheld drums
Following the groom to the bride is not only his entourage but also a procession of several men playing the ‘kompang’ as an announcement of his arrival. The men playing the ‘kompang’ also would also sing ‘ghazal’ (lyrical poems) and songs. 
 Bride and Groom with family photo taking
Bride and Groom would sit together on a decorated stage better known as 'pelamin' for the blessing ceremony and photo taking with friends, relatives and family 
Bride & Groom with family, relatives and friends
 Me with Bro Ariffin and his bride
After all the ceremony (and picture taking) the bride and groom will be guided to their own dining table to have their lunch but not before feeding each other first in a traditional way. There is no specific reason behind this but just an act of being romantic to each other as a husband and wife.
 Bride and Groom praying before their wedding meal
Bride feeding her groom at Groom's place
I believe that each family may have their own practice so it maybe slightly different from others, just like my childhood Malay friend's wedding in 1980s in their kampong styles..
At around 3plus before I leave, I met two of our close friends - John Kwok and Ms Wong who came later and had a short chat with Bro Ariffin who was having his wedding meal half way. I brought them to the meal section for them to have their late lunch.
Then I walked back to the gifts counter and the lady passed a cute box of cake ( a cupcake) with thanks and calling out to him and said 'Goodbye'.

To My Dearest Brother Ariffin and Ruzainah
You look marvellous as a couple.
You will face on this new journey of life.
May your married life be filled with harmony, peace, joy and love,
Congratulations to both of YOU.

In addition... 
There has been lots of speculating video news or internet speculating news about cosplayer's Silat Pengantin/Self-Defence Art, had garnered lot of attention and mixed reviews by netizens on Facebook. Eh..There's nothing wrong with cosplayers performing Silat...or singing  the Kompang songs. In my views, I do hear many kompang songs in my childhood days, be it kompang gang songs or whatsoever. they are humans and they did a favour for their close friend, Ariffin for enertainment and fun once in his lifetime. Their knowledgeable in Malay traditional wedding... but nowadays people even their kids love to see their favourite cartoon/comic cosplayers in actions and even old generations would hear the oldies kompang songs. Why not? It's an entertainment and fun for the Malay couple, friends and family with kids. They have their close friend's family approval of their entertainment to the guests, young and old alike. There's no specific rules in Islamic and Malay in engaging their entertainment views on cosplayers. I don't see any negatives on my side and even my good old friends said that they love to see my photo albums that I posted on Facebook. It's a new Fashion trend nowadays. So do you?

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